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How to Add users to SharePoint group using Infopath form.

April 12, 2014

1.Create SharePoint group.
2. Add two person or group (field A and field B)fields in infopath form. Field A is to select user name and the field B to select sharepoint group name.
Here we can auto populate SharePoint group name in second People or Group field when form loads as follows:
i. Create rules on form load.


3. Add Submit Web Service Data Connection(http://siteUrl/_vti_bin/UserGroup.asmx),
Select UserGroup web service and then “AddUserToGroup” operation.

3.Select parameter options (“groupName”, “userName”, “userLoginName” and “userEmail” parameters) as follows:
i. “groupName” – DisplayName from group field B which we filled with sharepoint group.
ii. “userName” – AccountId from Field A
iii. “userLoginName” – AccountId from Field A
iv. “userEmail” – AccountId from Field A

4. Add submit action on submit button.





5. Select user name from field A and group name from field B and click submit button and verify the sharepoint group name for user name.


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