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Concatenate PowerApps Gallery Items and display in a HTML Textbox with Line breaks

October 20, 2022

HTML text input box in PowerApps doesn’t recognize Char(10) and Char(13) to provide the space and line breaks. So, I had to use the Substitute function to get line breaks in HTML Text input box.

Substitute( TextInput1.Text, Char(13), “<br/>”)

My scenario was:

Concatenate values (Column1 and Column2) from PowerApps Gallery and display in HTML Text with line breaks for each record and Column1 in bold.

Set(varGalleryItemsConcat, Concat(Gallery.AllItems,Substitute(Concatenate(““, Column1.Text,”“, Char(13)&Column2.Text&Char(13)&Char(13)),Char(13),”

Add varGalleryItemsConcat variable to HTMLText property

You will see the data HTML text input box as follows. Let’s assume there are 3 rows in gallery

Column1 row1 value Column2 row1 value

Column1 row2 value Column2 row2 value

Column1 row3 value Column2 row3 value

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